About Sports/Action Photography

Simon Mackney's track record in sports and action photography needs no introduction, with a client list featuring the likes of Braun GP, the Great Britain winter olympics bobsleigh team and both Leicester City and Derby County football clubs.

His sports photography is always focused on capturing the strength, determination and commitment of sports men and women and is formulated around the creation of a strong and stylised visual identity for advertising and PR use that is a step ahead of the field.

Mackney Photography has developed an approach to lighting sporting action that is a world away from the run-of-the-mill PR pictures that are commonly produced.

Often with just a three-light set-up that can be studio based or replicated out on location, we create a gritty, moody atmosphere with rim lighting and plenty of contrast and bring in strong graphic elements to the finished images.

Much of our work revolves around capturing action sequences that are then combined in post-production and we'll often shoot many different backgrounds for each subject or stitch together new back of photography.



Much of our sports and action photography is produced using the Nikon D4 together with special techniques using Broncolor flash units to uniquely capture the power, movement and effort in the subject.

With careful planning and logistics plus a stubborn eye for detail we can capture both the power and personality of an athlete - experience has taught us to thoroughly understand our subjects so we can bring out all the important details and individual aspects that make action images special.

Our understanding of fast flash duration techniques gives us access to looks that are not attainable any other way - athletes can be captured flying through the air with every drop of rain or sweat frozen in time in sync with their movement.


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