About Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a particular specialism at Mackney Photography - and we're proud to say that we know it inside out, back to front, upside down... from haute couture all the way to the high street; from work wear all the way to underwear.

A fashion shoot at Mackney Photography benefits from our passionate stylist, Wendy, who has a decade's experience of the industry working in New York, London and Hong Kong for major brands such as Next, Topshop, Debenhams and Miss Selfridge. As a result, we can take care of all the vital details such as casting and booking models, arranging hair and make-up, planning and implementing art direction and much more besides - so achieving the exact look and feel that you require.

With our knowledge of creative studio lighting and our strict attention to every detail, we produce consistent high quality still life and modelled fashion images with flair, efficiency and the minimum of fuss. Model-based fashion photography at Mackneys is dynamic, stylish but also efficient, bringing together creativity, stylistic vision and superior technical expertise. It's a combination that we have built our reputation upon.



For still life clothing images, one of our most popular styling options is the 'invisible' mannequin effect, a very effective way of presenting fashion products. Garments are carefully styled and shot by a fashion photographer and the 'invisible' look is created by our highly skilled in-house post-production team - it's perfect for websites and clothing catalogues.

Our post-production department has a strong reputation that clients keep on coming back for, as it's these finishing touches and overall finesse that makes products stand out from the crowd. Alternatively we can shoot your clothing with the mannequin left in the final image - technique that's particularly suited to displaying sets of clothing or when specific outfits need to be shown together.

Other options to display and shoot still life fashion include flat, hung, creative, detail, 360 degree rotations or full video - all these solutions can be used to dramatically increase the selling power of your clothing on the web or in print.


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