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About Digital/Photographic post-production Photography

Mackney Photography boasts a highly skilled in-house post-production department that brings the latest technology, software and techniques mixed with imagination and creativity to produce uniquely styled high-end imagery that has impact, quality and finesse.

Our retouching and post-production is a blend of art and and technology that can produce an ultra realistic look just as much as it can produce surreal and fanciful imagery. But at the core of the service is the foundation of more than a decade's experience in the field - our work is precise and skilled and images are handled with care, understanding and the utmost attention to detail.

Mackney Photography has become known for a number of signature styles and this is a result of our post-production being a fully embedded part of the photographic process. The planning of a project that has a significant post-production element will take account of how the retouching will be achieved from the start, before a single frame has been captured - meaning we are working to enhance and stylise, not to fix.



Our services are such that we can build seamless composite images that would be impossible or impractical to photograph without the retouching element; superfluous details can be removed which would be impractical to alter in the capture stage; and we can present subjects in a natural, consistent and realistic way.

Each and every client is an individual to us - a project starts with us listening closely to what you have to say, what your aspirations are for the project and what your boundaries are. We'll produce ideas boards so that everyone knows where the project is headed and through inclusive discussion we always ensure that the final brief is precise and detailed.

We like to think we can think outside the box, offering creative problem solving that makes your life a whole lot easier. And all the while you can have total confidence in our commitment to your delivery requirements and image quality standards.


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