BagFlag Company

Location: Studio based at Mackney Photography, Darley Abbey

The brief: to communicate the message "Is it a bag? Is it a flag?" for the BagFlag Company, a unique marketing product that's carried or waved. BagFlag is one product designed for use as either a promotional Bag or branded Flag. BagFlag simply converts to one or the other by use of a built in pole. Push the pole for a Bag, Pull the pole for Flag. It's a clever way to deliver your message on the move.

The solution: We talked through ideas with the BagFlag Company to show what could achieved without travelling to lots of different locations. By producing everything in the studio, we managed to fit to a tight budget. Imagery was shot in the studio in a single day – even including a short video to show the bag turning into a flag. Our post-production department produced composite images to illustrate the transformation in action!


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