Simon Mackney

The team at Mackney Photography is led by Simon Mackney - an Associate member of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the winner of numerous national awards in commercial and industrial photography. As one client commented: 'Simon can even make metal look sexy!' referring to his capacity to work with lighting in such a way that any subject comes to life - producing an image that has an impact way beyond its constituent parts.

Every picture can potentially enhance the reputation of a company or deliver style and substance exceeding that of the initial concept, and that's exactly what Simon seeks to do - bringing striking ideas and strong creative vision to every shoot. He couples these attributes with a highly efficient workflow and an acute sensitivity to the qualities and aspirations of the client he's working for. He explains: 'We're here to service the individual dynamics and requirements of your business. We realise that every client is unique, and because we're a team at Mackney Photography we always aim to over-deliver.'


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